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High Speed Auto Palletizer

1. Suitable scope: can palletize all kinds of metal cans.

2. Structure and material:

1) Strengthened two-line two-row palletizing out transmission chain, can hold two packaging body. The structure is carbon steel.

2) Transmission chain of main engine space (short chain), with carbon steel structure;

3) Transmission chain of empty board (empty board chain) and carbon steel structure.

4) Main engine space of layer upon layer palletizing, the frame is carbon steel structure. The three main inner plates are stainless steel plates.

5) Cans collecting transmission platform with high frame and net chain, carbon steel structure and low friction steel net chain.

6) Self-locked can lifting system with carbon steel structure.

7) Platform of passage, footstep and carton board with carbon steel structure.

3. Function:

This machine adopts auto board feeding, lifting, auto can separating, palletizing, auto lowing and palletizing out. The palletizing layers can be digitally set.


Sales ModelPT-PA2
Can diameter
Max Can height240mm
Max Pallet size1100×1400mm