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PTGS-2 Duplex Gang Slitter

Compared to PTGS-1, this slitter has below advantages:

1. First and second strip are all carried towards the cutter of the first and second slitter by TWO CHAIN with driving teeth. The position of the strip can be adjusted from the two sides.

2. Pairs of chromed and rubber coated rollers convey the strips from the first to second slitter. Both the rollers and the electromagnetic bars are pneumatically lifted to allow access for cutter adjustments on the first slitter.

3. Alignment of the sheet in the first slitter is effected laterally by small rollers, with optional thrust, on the right or left side, which slide on saddles mounted on axial ball bearings and are controlled by mechanical cams. Rear alignment is effected by means of rotating pawls which can be adjusted while the slitter is on operation by using knob, (thus avoiding any interruption of production during truing). In this way the system synchronizes accurate cutting and conforms to the print on the sheet.

4. Sheet feeder via support rollers with bearings for easy feeding stacker of tinplate sheets.

Sales ModelPTGS-2
Cutting speed
Cutting sheets40sheets/min
Tinplate range(max)1140×1140mm
Tinplate range(min)500×700mm
Tinplate thickness(max)0.4mm
Min cutted tinplate width after horizontally cutting150mm
Min cutted tinplate width after vertically cutting70mm
Total power6kw
Diameter of main axle110mm
Net weight6500kgs