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Add.: Shenjiamen, Zhoushan city, Zhejiang province, china
Tel.: 86-580-3663066
Fax: 86-580-3663633
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Founded in 1978, Zhejiang Golden Eagle Food Machinery Co. Ltd is a leading canmaking machine company in the canmaking machinery industry. It is mainly specialised in manufacturing canmaking machinery for food can, aerosol can, paint can, different general can and can end. It supplies complete canmaking line machines including Duplex Gang Slitter, High Speed Welder, Powder Coating Machine, Induction Oven, Necker Flanger Beader and Seamer Can-o-mat and Palletizer, line speed up to 600cpm It supplies complete end making line machines, including Sheet Feed Press, Curler, Rotary Liner, Induction Oven and End Packaging System, line speed up to 1000epm. It supplies complete aerosol cone and dome line, dome up to 700epm and cone up to 480epm.


The company is located in Zhoushan city, Zhejiang province of China, close to Ningbo and Shanghai which enables convenient transportation for export.

The company pays great attention to technology innovation, having and R+D centre with a strong team in HQ Zhoushan, owning more than 30 patents concerning advantage technology for can machine making.


Product and Services Index: Aerosol Canmaking Systems, Aerosol Component Lines, Body Makers, Cap Making Machines, Caps Closures, Coating Systems, Coatings, Compound Application Systems, Conveying Systems, Curing Ovens, DRD Canmaking Systems, Drying Systems, End Making Systems, end-of-line Packaging Machinery, Engineering Installation Services, Flanging Machines, General Line, Inspection Systems, Installation Maintenance, Lacquers, Necking Systems, Palletisers/Depalletisers, Seamer Tooling, Seaming Machines, Strip Feed Presses, three-piece Can Beaders, Turnkey Systems