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    1. Induction Curing Oven 1. Every burner consumption is1.5-2kw/hour, take dia73mm/height 113mm can for example, 4 burners can dry 200cans/min can body line and 8 burners can dry 400cans/min can body line. 2. W ith multi grades adjustment design, pre-heating system
    1. High Speed Auto Palletizer 1. Suitable scope: can palletize all kinds of metal cans. 2. Structure and material: 1) Strengthened two-line two-row palletizing out transmission chain, can hold two packaging body. The structure is carbon steel. 2) Transmission chain of m
    1. Lining and Drying Machine(single lining gun) This machine combines automatic lining and drying functions in one, used to line the round can ends for food can, paint can and aerosol can etc. Toolings are changeable to suit different can ends sizes. It is controlled by the MITSUBISHI PL
    1. TWIST-OFF CAP MACHINE The units have five working stations: three for mechanical cap forming and the other two for compound lining and centrifugation. 1. Calibration and Pre-curling Set the position of the shell cupping process and start to curl the cup. 2. Pre-
    1. SMART-500 Sales Model SMART-500 Capacity 500cans/min(max) Material Tinplate Cooper wire Φ1.38mm-1.50mm Welding speed 25-70m/min Welding current 35KA Welding frequency 100-650Hz Overlap 0.3mm-0.4mm Can diameter Φ52-153mm Can height H70-320mm Total p
    1. SMART-300 Sales Model SMART-120 Capacity 300cans/min(max) Material Tinplate Cooper wire Φ1.38mm Welding speed 10-40m/min Welding current 35KA Welding frequency 300-400Hz Overlap 0.38mm-0.4mm Can diameter Φ52-99/99-153mm Can height H70-270mm/60-300m
    1. SMART-220/150 Sales Model SMART-220 SMART-150 Capacity 230cans/min(max) 150cans/min(max) Material Tinplate Tinplate Cooper wire Φ1.38mm Φ1.38mm Welding speed 7-30m/min 6-18m/min Welding current 30KA 25KA Welding frequency 200-400Hz 120-300Hz Overlap 0.
    1. SMART-120 Sales Model SMART-120 Capacity 120cans/min(max) Material Tinplate Cooper wire Φ1.38mm Welding speed 6-15m/min Welding current 22KA Welding frequency 100-300Hz Overlap 0.4mm-1mm Can diameter 52/Φ63-180mm Can height H70-250mm Total power 22