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    1. Semi-auto Palletizer Sales Model PT-PA3 Can diameter 52-153mm Max Can height 240mm Capacity up to 300cpm Max Pallet size 1100×1400mm
    1. Two idle strokes Sales Model CNC-C2 CNC-C1B CNC-C6 Nominal pressure 45T 90T 120T Distance of ram stroke 100mm 105mm 105mm Strokes(max) 200spm(Ø52-99mm) 150spm(Ø153mm) 200spm(Ø52-99mm) 150spm(Ø153mm) 180spm(Ø52-99mm) 150spm(Ø153mm) Number of cavity up
    1. Lining and Drying Machine(pail can end) Sales Model PTAC-LD-8 Can diameter 40pcs/min(max) End diameter 180-320mm Temperature of oven 120°C(max) Power 13Kw Net Weight 2000 kgs Dimension 2200×1300×2500
    1. Single Lane Induction Oven Sales Model EIO-1 EIO-2 EIO-3 (single lane) (single lane) (single lane) End diameter 52-165mm 52-165mm 52-99mm Capacity 150 to 300pcs/min 300 to 500pcs/min 800 to 1000pcs/min Power 1.5-2.5kw/hour 4.5-5kw/hour 6-7kw/hour Net weight 150kgs 20
    1. Dual Lane Induction Oven and Double Head Liner Sales Model PTAC-L-1 PTAC-L-2 End diameter 52-99mm 99-153mm Capacity 240-500epm 300-350epm Sales Model EIO-4 EIO-5 (dual lane) (dual lane) End diameter 52-99mm 52-99mm Capacity 300 to 600pcs/min 600 to 1000pcs/min Power 4-5kw/hour 6-7kw/hou