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Name: EOE Production Line

Model: EOE Production Line

Based on customer's requirement, MINSTER(new or reconditioned), or GOLDEN EAGLE own make Press or others can be choosed. As well as to equip with multi-outs(two/three/four lanes). The tab layout is compact, material usage is high. The conversion system is consit of tab die, lane die, ends separator and the other related tooling, mechanical transmission system, oil and pneumatic system, transmission division unit, tab material feeder, vacuum system, and the electric control system(double sheet detection, no ends detection, tab wrong position detection, no tab detection and multi safe protection units)etc.

Technical Data:

Techincal data:

Tonnage: 75-125 Ton

Stroke of slide: 38.1-63.5 mm

Strokes per minute: 200-600 spm

Number of Lane: 2-4 lanes

Main power: 38.5-46.5 kw

Net weight: 20-30 Tons