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Name: Scroll Shearing Machine

Model: PTAC-S

Automatic Scroll shearing machine is designed for Zig Zag shape strip cutting, consists of auto sheet feeding unit and shearing system, which is used for can ends production, can save 7-9% material. It has the double sheet testing unit, overload protection unit and safety protection unit. Carbide knife and alloy knife can be chosen.

Single row knife for dia.52-99mm

Double row knife for dia.153mm

Technical Data:



Size of tinplate(Max)

1170×1170 mm

Size of tinplate(Min)

750×508 mm

Thickness of tin(Max)

0.4 mm

Distance of feeding(Max)

350 mm

Cutting times



5.75 kw

Net Weight

5000 kgs


4520×2505×1615 mm